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Here is what some of our clients are saying….

A leading trucking company says:

"Customer Contact Solutions has made a significant impact on our business. Using CCS for lead generation is like having a gigantic plow that pushes aside a mountain of material and exposes the gems that are worth examining. CCS has proven to be a great aid for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales effort. Additionally, not only is your company a delight to work with, you have adjusted rapidly to any changes we needed to make, displaying a degree of flexibility that is admirable. We are very appreciative of the quality work our dedicated callers have produced!"

A food manufacturer says:

"CCS is so flexible; I would not even consider going with anyone else ever. I will be giving CCS all of my business - with our top national account next. CCS is top notch!"This marketing campaign has been the best dollar for dollar money we have spent on marketing this year."

An advertising company says:

"As a national advertising agency we always strive to provide quality communication services to our automotive clients, and CC Solutions delivers every time with the professionalism and attention to detail that we expect from our business partners."

A leading dental products company says:

"CCS helped us target the usage habits and preferences of over 45,000 customers and
prospects. This was a huge help to us winning in a very competitive environment."

A national association of attorneys says:

“We designed a program to contact each attorney in our association to persuade them to take action that would prevent a bill from passing in congress. I received feedback from our attorneys who said that your callers were ‘highly professional and articulate’, and attorneys as a group are not easy to please!"

A high tech medical hardware company says:

“We attribute the success of our nationwide expansion to the 3 years we utilized the appointment setting service. CCS set up appointments for our sales people to demonstrate our equipment, and they had to insure that 2 or 3 of the company’s decision makers were available for the appointment to view the demo.” [Note: this company has since been purchased by a Fortune 100 Company]

A mortgage company says:

We have been working with CCS for over 6 months now and they do a fantastic job. They have been able to provide us hundreds of live transfers to our agents which then have turned into closed loans.They provide us with one of our lowest marketing cost per funded loan on the transfers they send us so I would highly recommend them if you are looking for an efficient way to fund more loans.

A medical CRM company says:

I have only positive recommendations for CCS. Their work has produced great results in a short period of time. I have been impressed by how quickly the callers have learned to adapt the message to get the person engaged to want more information. I also have received comments from the person they connect me with, of how pleasant and professional the caller was. It reflects well on my business and me personally. Their flexible business model and adaptive approach to work with me as a team makes this a “slam dunk” decision.

A pharmaceutical company says:

We engaged CCS after we experienced limited success with another lead generation company. CCS was eager to understand our business and value proposition prior to beginning our partnership. As a result of this, CCS has delivered on their promise to represent our company in a professional manner and has brought us new business opportunities through consistent and persistent program management.   Our dedicated callers are excellent on the phone. Their business acumen and professionalism lend to CCS’s proving their value to us. Cost efficient, on-time delivery of results and integrity are what comes to mind when I think of CCS.  We highly recommend CCS for any company thinking of utilizing a 3rd party resource for lead generation or appointment setting needs.

An education technology company says:

We ran a trial campaign with 2 telemarketing companies to market our service.CCS was up and running and producing leads while the other company was still trying to figure out what to say.During the next 5 years, CCS was instrumental in helping us expand nationwide by setting appointments for our reps.

A financial advisory company says:

We’ve commissioned CCS to help us reach out to prospect clients for three years now and have kept coming back for their service due to their professionalism and consistency with outbound call activity. Because we are a mid- sized firm, they have helped expand our reach to our target market.

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