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About Us

  • CCS provides strategic services and out-sourced marketing and sales solutions to businesses and organizations that need the flexibility, quality, and responsiveness normally associated with in-house marketing operations.

  • We are committed to delivering superior quality in all aspects of its service execution and to helping clients not only meet, but exceed, their marketing and revenue objectives.

  • CCS has a reputation of success that is based on becoming an integral partner in your business, fully understanding your products, markets, customers and competitors, and building specific programs to provide the highest level of quality and Return on Investment.

  • We offer a hands-on ‘boutique approach’ that provides maximum flexibility to ensure the highest possible results rate.


Lead Generation/Qualification

Appointment Setting


Database Maintenance

Seminar and Event Registration

Data Entry

Customer Service

Market Research/Surveys

Live Transfer

Informational/Promotional calls


Enhanced Services

Voicemail Services

E-mail campaigns

E-mail Address/Inbox

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